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Gas detection- Applications of Thermoelectric Infrared Sensors


From the “greenhouse effect”, which is due to the constant supply of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases into the atmosphere we are aware that heat (which is indeed infrared radiation) can be absorbed by gases. In fact, most gases are able to absorb infrared (IR) light. These are gases consisting of two different kinds of atoms, such as the mentioned CO2, but also CO, NOx and all carbon hydrogens (HC) such as methane, propane or other natural gases employed for heating.
The IR light is capable to excite higher energy levels (excited states) of the molecules (rotational or vibrational excitations) by coupling to the dipole moment of the heteroatomic assembly. Heat energy from the IR light is therefore transferred into the gas – it heats up. Concomitantly, the intensity of a beam of IR light, which passes through a gas volume, diminishes. The intensity loss is a function of the number of active gas molecules in the volume, which means a function of the gas concentration.


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Grow Your Own Fresh Air with this 3 Plants solution

  A study made by Paharpur Business Centre and Software Technology Incubator Park (PBC™ – STIP) in New Delhi, India, on plants that can improve air quality indoors has concluded that only 3 plants are enough to induce a healthy change.
  In 15 years of trials, Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens), Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) and Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum) proved a 42% probability of increasing blood oxygen by 1% if one is inside the building for 10 hours, the incidence of eye irritation reduced by 52%, lower respiratory symptoms by 34%, headaches by 24%, upper respiratory symptoms by 20%, lung impairment by 10-12% and Asthma by 9%.

Deserving mentioning is that Mother-in-law’s Tongue Converts CO2 into O2 at night, making it a best fit for bedrooms, where we’ve been told that no plants should be kept there, and that Money Plant is excellent for removing Formaldehyde and other VOC’s.


Another experiment was sealing all fresh air and exhaust from the building for 6 weeks and the results were a higher indoors air quality than the outdoors one. Energy costs were down 15% as air less venting was needed to compensate the energy loss in the exchanged air.

Anyways most of us have plants inside our appartments, so there won’t be any problem getting these plants, and it’ll complement (if at all necessary) installing an air to air heat exchanger I covered earlier in my blog. Also consider having a look on this post that presented another option that would be a complementary addition to this one. As quantity, four shoulder high Areca Palms per person will be needed and six to eight Mother-in-Law’s Tongues that are waist high per person. So, you’re creating you air purifying forest…

In a separate study, NASA have concluded that plants can improve the quality of the air on the space station, removing common pollutants. NASA’s research focused on benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. Although the plants were the main subjects of the study, the potting soil, and microorganisms in the potting soil, also play a role in removing pollutants from the air.



3. Improve Indoor Environment with New Technology

The Benefit of Improve Indoor Environment:
IAQ impacts occupants’ comfort, health and performance

Improve Indoor Environment with New Technology Andy Drysdale
Danish Technological Institute

4. Indoor Air Quality Curriculum Results in Real-Life Classroom Improvements

Poor indoor air quality can impact the comfort and health of students and staff, which, in turn, can affect student concentration, attendance and performance. In addition, if schools fail to respond promptly to poor IAQ, students and staff are at an increase risk of short-term health problems.

Washington State University
Indoor Air Quality in Northwest Schools 
“The students learned that sometimes IAQ problems can be easy to fix. Sometimes it just takes making sure the HVAC system is on and working.”
Kaye Martin
Gateways Learning Center Springfield School District Oregon


Recently issues on Indoor air quality in Korea


Now days, the air quality in the indoor environment has a significant impact on human health and comfort. Because most people spend most of their time in indoor, poor indoor air quality can lea d to discomfort, ill health, absenteeism, and low productivity. Good indoor air quality safeguards the health of indoor occupants and contributes to their comfort and well-being.

Recently issues on Indoor air quality in Korea
Jee Yeon Jeong, PhD, P.E
Department of Occupational and Environment Health Yongin University

6. 二氧化碳是人類健康殺手
斯坦福大學工程學教授馬克·雅各森(Mark Jacobson)稱,氣候變化對健康產生的影響將使重污染區域深受其害。雅各森作為該模型的開發者,參與了報告的撰寫。

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