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PC Connection
Q: Can we connect the CO2 monitor to PC directly?
No, we cannot connect the CO2 monitor to PC directly. It needs a special HUB (optional, to be charged)
  and one demo program which can be downloaded from our website.
For ZG01 modules, users can transfer the data to the PC through connecting the ZGhub with RS232
  interface and installing the ZGview software. The operation instruction can be found from ZyAura
  website. http://www.zyaura.com/support/default.htm.
For the ZGhub, please consultant with our Sales Rep.
For ZGw08, you can only use RS232 cable to transfer data to PC.
Operating Environment
Q: Do you think that the module under hyperbaric environment (measurement of CO2 concentration in
  ambient with the range of 1-10 bar) could be damaged by pressure?
A: If the sensor (thermopile from PerkinElmer) can stand such low pressure, our module can work well. But
  there is no pressure sensor in our ZG module and such large pressure change will affect the CO2
reading greatly. If you need accurate CO2 reading, you must compensate the CO2 reading by the actual
air pressure. For small change of air pressure, its pressure dependence: will be 0.13% of reading per
mmHg, similar with most of CO2 monitor in NDIR way.
Q: Does the CO2 module work in humidity higher than 95%HR?
A: The CO2 sensor cannot work under condensation water condition because the water will absorb the
  infrared which affects the reading of CO2; But for water vapor (0~100% RH), its has minor affect on the
  accuracy. We have no enough experiment data about this.
Q: CO2 Application for Home?
A: The CO2 is colorless, odorless gas which normally exists. Nowadays, people often close the window to
  avoid noise and enjoy the comfort living and working environment provided by Heat, Ventilation and Air-
Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The CO2 monitor can display the current ventilation rate of the room. The
over-ventilation can be reduced and the energy can be saved. When the window is closed for a long time,
it would cause the indoor CO2 concentration far higher than the outdoor average. The high level CO2
concentration will lead to the bad air quality in the house. The family member will feel uncomfortable.
Q: The American OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) & ASHRAE (American Society of :
  Heating, Refrigerating and Air- Conditioning) has recommended the CO2 concentration level as below
  • 350 ~ 450 ppm:Healthy,normal outside level.
  • 450 ~ 700 ppm:Acceptable level.
  • 700 ~ 1000 ppm:Complaints of stiffness and odors.
  • 1000 ~ 2500 ppm:General drowsiness.
  • 2500 ~ 5000 ppm:Adverse health effects expected
Competitive Advantage
Q: Do you have the patent conflicts in the US for the chamber design with the Wong's invention?
Our design is different from that patent. The filter on the AirCell is in different size.