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  ZG9 series
  ZGw08 SERIES - ZGw08VRC  
  A. Main LCD Display
  B. Green LED Display
  C. Yellow LED Display
  D. Red LED Display
  E. Mode Button
  F. Up Button
  G. Down Button
  H. Enter Button
  I. Screw Position
  M. Gas Entry Hole
  J. Terminal Block
  K. Power Inlet (6VDC)
  L. RJ 45 Socket, including the RS232 and analogue output
  * RJ 45 Socket including the RS232 and analog output,
    Power Inlet is used for factory testing only,
    and when using 6VDC, the LCD and LVD will not work.
General Introduction
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is measure for the quality of air in interiors, the comfortable indoor environmental quality can make people feel fresh, work efficiency and good for the health. The CO2 concentration is the important factor of good indoor air quality. People breath in oxygen and breath out CO2, nowadays people often close the windows to avoid noise and enjoy the comfort living and working environment provided by air-conditioning systems, which results in the fact that the indoor concentration of CO2 is far higher than outdoor average. With the high CO2 concentration and non- proper ventilation, people will feel headaches, dull, drowsiness, lose of concentration and correspond to the high levels of dust, chemicals and bacteria in the air.
Features & Display Features and Modes
Dual Beam NDIR ( Non-Dispersive-Infrared ) technology used to measure CO2
Three different LED display show the current Indoor Air Quality situation.
The visual and audible alarm function can be adjustable by user.
Voltage(0~10V) ,Current Loop and Relay output.
Reliable Sensor provides long-term calibration stability.
LCD Display Symbol
Meaning Description
  CO2 Concentration PPM
Parts Per Million
  The current CO2 concentration in your household
  Ventilation Rate cfm/p
Cubic Feet Minute/Person
  The Present Cubic Feet/Minute Ventilation for one person
  Ventilation Rate L/P/S
  The Current Liter/ Second Ventilation Rate for one person
  The Alarm Setting Icon
  To calibration the CO2 sensor when the accuracy deviates from the actual CO2 concentration
  Alarm Level 1

The 1st Alarm Level.
Relay status will invert after CO2 level exceeds AL1.
The Buzzer and Yellow LED will work after CO2 level exceeds AL1.

  Alarm Level 2
  The 2nd Alarm Level
  Recover Factory Setting
  To Recover Factory Setting to cancel the customing Setting
Safety Installation Step
Warning: Your safety is very important to us .To ensure you use your product correctly and safety, we would
                    like to your attention to read those warning and the User Manual before using the product. These
                    Warning provide important safety information and should be observed at all times.
Please take the devices lightly, Do not subject the product to impact or shock.
Do not submerge the product into water or any liquid. Water may cause electric shock, fire or malfunction
  which may result in damage.
Please pay attention to the terminal block connection instruction, the wrong mode of operation or opposite
installation will destroy the circuit of the devices.
Do not touch the exposed electronic circuitry of the device under any circumstances.
Keep the circuit is close during installation. as there is the danger of electric shock.
Please keep the devices away from children touch to avoid the dangerous or the accident.
Do not keep the product under the hot and moisture environment. Keep the product away form the heat source
or near water.
Caring for your product
To make sure you receive the maximum benefit from using this product, please observe the follow guideline.
Cleaning----Disconnect the power before clean. Use a damp cloth, Do not use the liquid cleaning agent, such
                        as benzene, thinner or aerosols.
Repair----Do not attempt to repair the product or modify the circuitry by yourself. Please contact with our local
                   dealer or a qualified repairman if the product needs servicing.
Calibration--- Please observe the calibration operation to make sure the accuracy for the devices when it's
Air circulation---The vents allow the air circulation liquid for measurement of the CO2 concentration and the
                               ventilation and should not be blocked.
Installation Step
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Step 1: Release the screw from the device, take the front cover off.
Step 2: Release the four screws from the black cover, take the CO2 board from the black cover.
Step 3: Using the screw to fix the black cover to the current outlet, let the wires come out of the hole.
Step 3: Please pay attention to the terminal block connection data information.
Step 4: Re-assembling the CO2 board by screw to the black cover.
Step 5: After finishing the terminal block wire connection. Press the front cover to the LCD display.
ZGw08VRC Typical Wiring Digirams

LCO - : Linear, Analog Current Output ( - )
LCO + : Linear, Analog Current Output ( + )
LVO + : Linear, Analog Voltage Output ( + )
LVO - : Linear, Analog Voltage Output ( - )

These termonals are only for,they CANNOT connect to any power source.

The terminal 5.8 CANNOT connect to Tthe terminal 3(24DVC GND), otherwise the device will be burn out.
RJ 45 Interface & Wiring Connection


The RJ45 socket is only for factory calibration use, not for LAN, it was covered by plastic cover, the
    incorrect RJ 45 connection will have the risk of circuit damage or irreparable damage to devices.
Fig1: RJ45 Interface (Side view) Fig2: Wiring Connection
Customizing Settings

When the power has been connected, The ZGw08VRC CO2 monitor will begin to work. In order to meet you personal requirement, it is advisable to set up the customizing parameter.

Setting the alarm function

1.Press the MODE, the speaker icon flashs simultaneously.
2.Press ENTER, use up/down to select the on/off.
3.Press ENTER again to save the setting.

Setting the Calibration mode

1.Press the MODE ,the CALI icon flashs.
2.Press the ENTER ,CALI show on the display.
3.Adjust the display to the ambient CO2 value by up/down button.
4. Press the MODE morn than 10 sec, CALI flashs. Calibration will be done automatically after 5 minutes and
  LCD will display "Pass" or "Fail". If it shows " "fails", please try again.

Setting the Alarm parameter Mod

1.Press the MODE, the speaker icon flashs simultaneously.
2.Press ENTER. Using the Up/Down to set the parameter.
3.Press the ENTER again to save the data.
Remark. There have AL1 & AL2 when you press the mode. You can set the two different level on your opinion.
  The resoulation is 100 ppm per times.

Using the ReFactSet Mode

1.Press MODE, The ReFactSet flashs simultaneously.
2.Press ENTER,Using the Up/Down to select the No/Yes.
3.After the slecting,Press the ENTER to save the changes.
Remark. If the user setting the data or calibrate the sensor wrongly. You can use the ReFactSet (Recover the
  factory Setting) to come back the factory setting data.
  Method - Dual Beam NDIR

Sample Method - Diffusion or flow through (50 ~200 ml/min)

Performance - CO2
Measurement Range
1ppm at 0~1,000ppm;
10ppm at 1,001~3,000ppm
Accuracy ±75 ppm or ±5% of reading of reading whichever is greater
Repeatability ±20 ppm @400ppm
Temperature Dependence Typ.±0.2% of reading per °C or ±2 ppm per °C, whichever
is greater, refer­enced to 25°C
Pressure Dependence 0.13% of reading per mm Hg
(Corrected via user input for altitude)
Response Time <2min for 90% of step change
Warm-Up Time <60 seconds at 22°C
Zone LED Display Green:<800ppm, Yellow:800~1200ppm, Red: >1200ppm
  Linear Voltage Output: 0-10VDC (ZGw08VRC only)
Linear Current Loop Output: 4-20mA (Max Load is 500 Ohm)
Relay Output: 30VDC or 250VAC, max 2A ., SPST  .Normal Open
Power Supply
18~26VAC RMS 50/60Hz or 18~36VDC (Double insulated, Full-wave rectifier,
no polarity input)
General Operating Conditions
  Operating Temperature: 0-50°C (32-122°F) 0-95% RH, non-condensing
  Storage Temperature: -20 to 60°C ( -4 to 140°F)
  85.0×27.29×130.63 mm
Weight (including batteries):
  170 grams( oz)
Calibration & Warranty


Before calibrating ,you need standard gas or semi-standard gas, there are 3
  methods to get standard gas.
  Method A: use CO2 in office/building
  - Use two Meters (One is the device for calibration.
  The other one is a calibrated (new) one.
  - Use ambient room gas for calibration in office, waiting at least 10min,until the
  CO2 reading doesn't change (notice: user must not breathe toward the ZGw08VRC, CO2 from the user will affect the reading of ZGw08VRC)
- Use the reading of the new device as the standard.
- Calibrate the device by the Cali Mode instruction.
  Method B: use CO2 outsides
  - Use ambient room gas for calibration outsides, waiting at least 10min, until the
  CO2 reading doesn't change ( notice: user must not breathe toward the
  ZGw08VRC, CO2 from the user will affect the reading of ZGw08VRC)
  - Use 380~420ppm as the standard reading.
- Calibrate the device by the Cali Mode instruction.
  Method C: use standard CO2 in the bottle
  - Pump the standard CO2 gas(0~1000ppm, flux = 0.1~0.2 liter/min) into the
  ZGw08VRC from the Gas Entry Hole waiting about 2~3min.
  - Calibrate the device by the Cali Mode instruction.
Fault Codes & Troubleshooting Guide

This section includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions for problems you may encounter with the ZGw08VRC CO2 Monitor..

 LCD Fault Icon
(of the fault)
Indication Suggested Actions
  The ambient temperature has exceeded the temperature range 0°C to 50°C ( 32°F to 122°F)
“Er3” flash 
  This error will disappear when the temperature returns to the range between 0°C and 50°C
( 32°F to 122°F)
  Some wrong measurement or the sensor has exceeded its expected life
“Er4” flash
  Please wait when CO2 reading recover after around 30 minutes, if “Er4” still appears, please unplug the AC adapter and reconnect it.
If the “Er4” always appears, please contact with the local dealer.
  EEPROM System Problem
  Please unplug the AC adapter and reconnect it.
If the “Er5,Er6” always appear, please contact with the local dealer.
  Internal Data Transmission Error
“Er7” flash
  Please unplug the AC adapter and reconnect it.           
Available Packages
Available Packages
  Dimensions: 130.63*85*27.3mm
  Weight : 170.8g
  White Box Size:
  158.5(L)* 158(W)*48 (H)mm
  One Set Included:
1 CO2 Monitor
1 User Manual
1 White Box
2 screws
  One Carton Included:
Q'ty: 30pcs PaperBoxes
Outer Carton Size:
    495 (L)*340 (W)*285 (H)mm;
    1.70 Cube ft
N.W: 8.6 kgs
G.W.:9.5 kgs