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  ZGkb301 / ZGkb201p
  ZG9 series
Operation Instruction
  A.  LCD display
  B. Photo Sensor(control DayLight LED)
  C. Red LED (Power indication)
  D. Green LED(Active when CO2
    (concentration is <SetPoint1)
  E. Red LED(CO2 High: CO2
    (concentration > SetPoint2)
  F. Yellow LED (DayLight)
  G. Down Button
  H. Up Button
  i. Sel/Ent Button
  J. Piggy back style plug
  K. Panel Holder
  L. CO2 sensor
  M. Air Fitting(for professional calibration)
General Introduction
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is measure for the quality of air in interiors, the comfortable indoor environmental quality can make people feel fresh, work efficiency and good for the health. The CO2 concentration is the important factor of good indoor air quality. People breath in oxygen and breath out CO2, nowadays people often close the windows to avoid noise and enjoy the comfort living and working environment provided by air-conditioning systems, which results in the fact that the indoor concentration of CO2 is far higher than outdoor average. With the high CO2 concentration and non- proper ventilation, people will feel headaches, dull, drowsiness, lose of concentration and correspond to the high levels of dust, chemicals and bacteria in the air.
Features & Display Features and Modes
Dual Beam NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) technology is used to
  measure CO2 concentration up to 3,000ppm (0-10,000ppm, optional)
  (parts per million)
Built-in Photo Sensor

Relay output can automatically control a CO2 generator or bottled CO2

  to produce CO2 in confined spaces
IP54 Water Proof except backside when installed on the wall
LCD Display Symbol
  CO2 Concentration ppm (Parts Per Million)
  ambient CO2 concentration
  display the current temperature
  Recover Factory Setting
  to recover factory default settings and cancel any customized settings
  To calibrate the CO2 sensor when the accuracy deviates from the actual CO2 concentration
  Setting CO2 value
  Setting 1,2 CO2 value
Connection Diagram
  Note: The CO2 controller cannot control fan itself. User can connect CO2 generator or bottled CO2 to the
  piggyback plug
Function Instruction

The Photo sensor is used to detect the presence or absence of light.

  The Red LED will be constantly lit when the power is supplied.
  The Yellow LED: when lit, the photo sensor is active; but the controller will not operate during periods of
  darkness, piggyback plug has no output, CO2 generator or bottled CO2 won’t produce CO2.
  Warning: If the CO2 concentration reaches the second setting level, the Red LED will light on the controller.
  Take careful action before entering the room where it is placed, such as ventilating the space
Safety Notes
Warning: Your safety is very important to us. To ensure correct and safe use of the product, please read
    these warnings and the entire User Manual before using the product. Otherwise, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired. These warnings provide important safety information and should be observed at all times.
1. Please handle the device carefully; do not subject the product to impact or shock.
2. Do not place the unit or the adaptor near a heat source. Heat can cause distortion of the unit, which may
  result in an explosion or fire.
Do not touch the exposed electronic circuitry of the device under any circumstances, as there is the
  danger of electric shocks.
4. Please use only the included power adaptor. Improper power adaptor or power sources can cause
  serious damage to the product, or result in injury or death to the user.
Caring For Product

To get the most out of this product, please observe the follow guidelines.

1. Repair - Do not attempt to repair the product or modify the circuitry by yourself. Please contact your
  local dealer or a qualified repairman if the product needs servicing, including the replacement or
  calibration of the sensor.
2. Cleaning - Disconnect the power before cleaning. Use a damp cloth. Do not use liquid cleaning agents
  such as benzene, thinner or aerosols, as these will damage the device.
Installation Instruction
Please carefully take out the controller, Relay Socket, 1 panel holder, user manual, screws, from the package.
  Step-by-Step Installation:
1. Choose a suitable location to install the controller. Fix the panel holder on the wall with the four screws
Put it on the panel holder and make sure that they are connected tightly.
3. The ZGh213 CO2 controller has one relay output: The relay cable is pre-wired to it. The relay can control a
  CO2 generator or bottled CO2 to produce CO2 in monitored space when necessary and the relay will be
  triggered when the CO2 concentration below SetPoint1 and when there is extraneous light.
. Note: If the light intensity is less than the preset value (this value cannot be set by the user), the CO2
  controller will not be active, even if the CO2 level is less than SetPoint1. Only if the light intensity is higher
  than the preset level will the CO2 controller become active.
4 After finishing the installation, please connect the relay socket into the electrical supply outlet.
Customizing Settings

In order to meet the personal requirements, it is advisable to set up the customizing CO2 setting when necessary.

Setting point 1:

1. Press Sel/Ent key for more than 3 second, the “SetPoint1” icon appears.
  2. Press Sel/Ent key to enter Setpoint1 mode.
  3: Press Up/Down key to adjust the SetPoin1 data.
  4. Press Sel/Ent key to save this parameter setting, SAVE appears on the LCD.

Note: The default SetPoint 1 is 1,000ppm.

Setting point 2:

1. Press Sel/Ent key for more than 3 second, the “SetPoint2” icon appears.
2. Press Sel/Ent key to enter Setpoint2 mode.
  3: Press Up/Down key to adjust the SetPoint2 data.
  4. Press Sel/Ent key to save this parameter setting, SAVE appears on the LCD.

Note: The default SetPoint2 is 1,450ppm. The second setting level should be higher than the first setting level

  when setting level parameter.

Using the Calibration function:

  1. Press Sel/Ent key for more than 3 second, the “Cali” icon flash.
  2. Press Sel/Ent key again to enter “Cali” mode.
  3: Press Up/Down key to Select the calibration value.
  4. Press Sel/Ent key more than 10 second to calibrating the device.

Using the ReFactSet function

  1. Press Sel/Ent key for more than 3 second, the “ReFactSet” icon flashes.
  2. Press again to enter “ReFactSet” mode.
  3: Press Up/Down key to Select “Yes” or “No”.
  4. Press Sel/Ent key to save the setting after selection.
  Note: If the user sets the data or calibrates the sensor incorrectly, use the ReFactSet to return the default factory
setting like SetPoint1, SetPoint2.
CO2 Specification
Measurement Range
 0 - 10,000ppm display
Display Resolution  1ppm at 0~1,000ppm; 10ppm above 1000ppm
Accuracy  0~2000ppm:±70ppm or ±5% of reading,  whichever is greater >2000ppm:±7% of reading
 ±20 ppm @400 ppm
Pressure Dependence  0.13% of reading per mm Hg
Response Time
 <60 seconds for 90% response to step change

(First Setting Level)

 Default value= 1,000ppm

(Second Setting Level)

 Default value= 1,450ppm
Warm-Up Time  <60 seconds at 22°C
Splash Proof Grade  IP54
Operating Conditions:
Operating Temperature
 0°C to 50°C ( 32°F to 122°F)
Humidity Range  0 ~ 95% RH non-condensing
Storage Conditions:
Storage Temperature  -20°C to 60 °C (-4°F to 140°F)
Power Supply & Relay Output
Power Supply  AC adapter 110/220 VAC
AC Input  Voltage  100 ~ 240 VAC
Frequency  50 / 60 Hz
Power Requirement
  3 W maximum
Fault Codes& Troubleshooting Guide
LCD Fault Icon
Description (of the fault)
Description (of the fault)
Er3 The ambient temperature has exceeded the temperature range 0°C to 50°C ( 32°F to 122°F) This error will disappear when the temperature returns to the range between 0°C and 50°C (32°F to 122°F).
Er4 Inaccurate measurement or the sensor has exceeded its expected life Please unplug the AC adapter and reconnect it. If the “Er4” always appears, please contact the local dealer.
Er5,Er6 EEPROM System Problem Please unplug the AC adapter and reconnect it. If the “Er5, Er6” still appears, please contact the local dealer.
Er8 The accuracy of CO2 sensor may deviate from the actual concentration.

①Please unplug the AC adapter and reconnect. If the “Er8” still appears, please contact with the local dealer.
②Please calibrate the unit. After calibration if the “Er8” still appears, please contact the local dealer.

Available Packages
  Dimensions: 170*126*60mm
  Weight: 459g
  One Set Included:
1 CO2 Controller (with Power Cord) (SEU)
1 Paper Box with PP Tray
1 User Manual    
  One Carton Included:
Q'ty: 5pcs
Brown Box Size: 245*255*86mm
Carton Size: 465*285*290 mm ; 1.36 Cube Ft
  N.W: 5.7kgs
  G.W: 6.4kgs