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  ZGkb301 / ZGkb201p
  ZG9 series
  ZG9 series  
General Introduction
ZG9 series is designed to simultaneously measure multiple gas concentrations in the ambient environment. With long-term data storage, the user can assess the environmental friendliness. When ZG9 series measures the gas concentration reaching the alarm setting or higher, the data display and alarm functions are activated. ZG9 series is equipped with an RS485 interface for connecting to a computer for remote monitoring so as to reduce the risk of exposure to high concentrations of harmful gases and avoid harm to human health. ZG9 series can be used in a wide range of industries, which include paint-related industries, wineries, related industries of CO2, food industry, laboratory, construction industry, etc.
Dual Beam NDIR technology is used to measure CO2 concentration
Measurement items:
  ‧CO2, CO, PM2.5, PM10, RH, DP, AMB, Barometer (basic)
  ‧O2, NH3 (optional)
Audible Alarm
Data Logging with SD Card
RS485 Communication Interface
Rechargeable Battery
A. Power Key B. Humidity Sensor C. Temperature Sensor
D. LCD E. Charge Lamp F. M1 (Zone 1 Mode Key)
G. UP\TWA\STEL\Max\Min H. M2 (Zone 2 Mode Key) I. Enter
J. DOWN\ALTI K. Log (Data Logger) L. USB Socket
M. SD Card Slot N. RS485 Jack O. Battery Cover
P. Stand Q. Screw Position R. Tripod Screw
  Measurement Range Accuracy Display Resolution Warm-up Time
CO2 0~9,999 ppm
(5,001~9,999 ppm over range)
0~5000ppm: ± (50ppm+3% of reading) 1 ppm <1 minute
CO 0~1,000 ppm ±10ppm or 5% of reading, whichever is greater 1 ppm 1 ppm
999 μg/m³ ±15% or ±15 μg/m³, whichever is greater 1 μg/m³ <1 minute
O2 (optional) 0~25% <2% FS/0.1 mbar 0.01% <1 minute
NH3 (optional) 0~100 ppm ±10% 1 ppm 5 minutes
RH 0~100% ±3%@25°C (20% RH~80% RH), others ±5% 0.01% -
Temperature 0°C~50°C ±1°C 0.01°C -
Barometer 50 ~110 Kpa ±0.4 kpa 0.1 mmHg -
Operating Conditions 0~40°C(32°F~104°F),0~95%RH, non-condensing, with lithium-ion batteries
0~50°C(32~122°F), 0~95%RH, non-condensing, without lithium-ion batteries
Storage Temp. -20~60°C(-4~140°F), 0~85%RH, non-condensing, without lithium-ion batteries
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery (not included): Li-ion 3.7V Unprotected Button top 18650 battery *3 (L65~67mm , Ø18~19mm)
USB or 5 VDC AC adapter(not included)

Storage Capacity depend on SD card capacity (max.16G SD card)
Comm. Interface RS485 ModBus BR19200、N、8、1
Alarm Volume 80db±5%@10cm
  After power-on, it would take 20 minutes for the device to stably measure the temperature and relative humidity.  
Available Packages
  Weight : 286.5g (without batteries)
  One Set Included:
1 Handheld multi gas detector
1 User Manual
1 USB 1.5M cable
1 micro SDHC Memory Card