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  ZGkb301 / ZGkb201p
  ZG9 series
  1. Enter Button
  7. Yellow LED Display (800-1200ppm)
  2 .Down Button
  8. Red LED Display  (>1200ppm)
  3. Up Button
  9.Gas Entry Hole
  4. Mode Button

10. Power inlet

  5. LCD display

11. RJ45 socket
(only for factory use)

  6. Green LED Display (<800ppm)

12. Ventilation Slots

General Introduction
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is measure for the quality of air in interiors, the comfortable indoor environmental quality can make people feel fresh, work efficiency and good for the health. The CO2 concentration is the important factor of good indoor air quality. People breath in oxygen and breath out CO2, nowadays people often close the windows to avoid noise and enjoy the comfort living and working environment provided by air-conditioning systems, which results in the fact that the indoor concentration of CO2 is far higher than outdoor average. With the high CO2 concentration and non- proper ventilation, people will feel headaches, dull, drowsiness, lose of concentration and correspond to the high levels of dust, chemicals and bacteria in the air.
Features & Display Features and Modes
The Alarm will sound at 1,000 PPM or adjust the Alarm level
Record CO2, temperature and the relative humidity in the past 24 hours
Measure CO2, temperature and the relative humidity
3 LED display shows the current indoor air quality
Several Modes for adjusting the setting parameters
Dual Beam NDIR technology improves the long term stability
Compact, portable, accurate desktop CO2 Monitor

Mode Function
  There are several Modes which we can adjust the setting parameters. These modes are Alti Mode,Alarm Mode, Outside Mode, Ucal Mode, Datalogger Mode, MaxMin Mode and rcFS Mode in sequence.
  The beep alarm can be setting on/off under Mute Mode
  Compensate the pressure changes with appropriate altitude of location when measure
  The first alarm level can be adjusted by user    
  The second alarm level can be adjusted by user
  Modify the outside CO2 concentration for calculating the ventilation rate
  Calibrate the sensor while the reading deviates from the actual CO2 concentration
  Show the past CO2, Temperature and RH records in the past 24 hours
  Show the Max and Min CO2 reading before being cleared or after Power On
  Recover the factory setting to cancel customize setting
Safety Installation Step
Warning: Your safety is very important to us .To ensure to use the product correctly and safely, we would like to
    draw your attention to read the warning and entire User Manual before using the product. These are
    important safety information and should be observed at all times.
Please handle the devices lightly, Do not subject the product to impact or shock. Otherwise, this may cause
  the accuracy drift.
Do not immerse the product in water. Water can cause electric shock, fire or malfunction which may result in
Do not keep the product under the hot and moisture environment. Keep the product away form the heat source
   or near water.
Please use only the included power adaptor. Improper power adaptor or power sources can cause serious
  damage to the product, or result in injury or death to the user.
Caring for your product
To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from using this product, please observe the follow guidelines.
Cleaning----Disconnect the power before clean. Use a damp cloth, do not use the liquid cleaning agent, such
                        as benzene, thinner or aerosols.
Repair----Do not attempt to repair the product or modify the circuitry by yourself. Please contact with our local
                  dealer or a qualified repairman if the product needs servicing.
Air diffusion---The ventilation slots on the housing are designed for CO2 diffusion, so these ventilation slots
                         should not be blocked.
The device should be stored at room temperature to extend its life.
Customizing Settings
  When the power has been connected, The ZG1163R CO2 monitor will begin to work. In order to meet your personal requirements, it is advisable to set up the customizing parameters.

Temperature (ºC/ºF) RH and Ventilation Rate:

1.Press up/down to select the temperature, RH and ventilation rate modes.
2.When pressing up button, the LCD display sequence is Temp ºC -> Temp ºF -> Vent Rate lps -> Vent Rate
 cfm/p. When pressing down button, The LCD display sequence is reverse.
Temp ºC refers to Temperature in Celsius; Temp ºF refers to Temperature in Fahrenheit. Vent Rate lps
refers to Liter Per Second Per Person; Vent Rate cfm/p refers to Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Person

Using the MUTE function:

1.Press Mode, the speaker icon flashes simultaneously.
2.Press Enter, use up/down to select the on/off.
3.Press Enter again to save the data.
Note: The factory setting with alarm is buzzer off, user can set the alarm on/off under MUTE function.

Using the ALTI mode:

1.Press Mode,the ALTI icon flashes.
2.Press Enter, ALTI shows on the display, press the mode button to alter between the m( meter) and ft(feet).
3.Adjust altitude (step=100m/500ft) by up/down button.
4.Press Enter again to save the data.

Setting the ALARM 1 level:


1.Press Mode, the ALARM 1 icon flashes.
2.Press Enter. Using the Up/Down to set the parameter, the default ALARM 1 is 800 ppm.
3.Press Enter again to save the data.


1)When CO2 Alarm level is ≧1,000 ppm, the interval is ±100ppm, when the CO2 Alarm level is <1,000
  ppm, the interval is ±50 ppm
2) After setting with new alarm level parameter, the green LED will light when CO2 concentration below
 the alarm 1 level.

Setting the ALARM 2 level:

1.Press Mode, the ALARM 2 icon flashes.
2.Press Enter. Using the Up/Down to set the parameter, the default ALARM 2 is 1200 ppm.
3.Press Enter again to save the data.


1) When CO2 Alarm level is ≧1,000 ppm, the interval is ±100ppm, when the CO2 Alarm level is <1,000
  ppm, the interval is ±50 ppm.
2) After setting with new alarm level parameter, the green LED will light when CO2 concentration below
 the alarm1 level. The red LED will light when CO2 concentration exceeds the alarm 2 level, the yellow
 LED will light when CO2 concentration is between the alarm1 level and the alarm 2 level.

Using the OUTSIDE mode:

1.Press Mode, the OUTSIDE icon flashes.
2.Press Enter, shows OUTSIDE, CO2 and ppm flashes. Press the Up/Down to adjust the data.
3.Press Enter to save the setting. After the modification, the VENT Rate will change.


Ventilation rate represents how much air is introduced into the indoor space from outside. Low numbers
indicate low ventilation rates and potentially poor air quality.
High levels indicate excessive ventilation and potential excessive energy usage. To obtain an accurate
measurement, reading should be taken 2~3 hours after occupancy has stabilized in a space or at a peak
in daily CO2 concentrations. For indoor air quality control, CO2 value is an indicator of ventilation rate.
400ppm (Parts Per Million) is the default CO2 concentration outside according to ASHRAE: American
Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers.

Using the CALI (calibration) mode:

1.Press Mode, the CALI icon flashes.
2.Press Enter, the CALI icon on the display. Adjust the CO2 reading by Up/Down button.
3.Press Mode for more than 10sec,CALIBRATING flashes. Calibration will be done automatically after about 3
minute and the LCD will display “Pass” or “Fail.” If it shows “Fail,” please try again.

Using the LOG mode:

1.Press Mode, the LOG icon flashes.
2.Press Enter, CO2 reading and Temperature show on the LCD.
3.Press Up/Down to page up/down the reading.


With the Built-in Datalogger, ZG1163R can provide the past CO2, temperature and RH reading within the
past 24 hours. The log interval is 30 minutes per data. ZG1163R is connected with power and used for
the first time. If the working time is more than 30 minutes, ZG1163R will have CO2, RH and temperature
reading in datalogger, if the working time is less than 30 minutes, the LCD will display “NULL” while
using the LOG function.

Using the MAX MIN mode:

1.Press Mode, the MAX MIN icon flashes.
2.Press Enter, the MAX and MIN CO2 reading alternatively shows.
3.Press Down and the “CLr” will flash on the LCD. Press Enter to CLEAR the MAX and MIN record.


With the Built-in MAX MIN mode, ZG1163R can provide the Maximum and Minimum CO2 readings since
the device has last been turned on. If users press up/down to clear the MAX and MIN CO2 reading record,
ZG1163R will provide the new MAX and MIN CO2 reading from that time.

Using the “RcFS” Mode:

1.Press Mode, the RcFS icon flashes.
2.Press Enter, the icon “no” shows on the LCD, Press the Up/Down to select the no/yes.
3.After selecting, press Enter to save the setting.


If the user sets the data or calibrates the ZG1163R incorrectly, use the RcFS (recover the factory Setting)

to come back the default factory setting.
  Method - Dual Beam NDIR (Non-Dispersive-Infrared)
  Display - LCD
  Independent CO2, RH and Temperature readings.
  Calculates and Displays Ventilation Rates

Sample Method - Diffusion or flow through (50 ~200 ml/min)

Performance - CO2
Measurement Range 0~3,000ppm
1ppm at 0~1,000ppm;
5ppm at 1,001~2,000ppm;
10ppm at 2,001~3,000ppm
Accuracy 0~2,000ppm: ±70 ppm or ±5% of reading, whichever is greater; over 2000ppm: ±7%
Repeatability    ±20 ppm @ 400ppm
Temperature Dependence Typ. ±0.2% of reading per °C or ±2 ppm per °C, whichever is greater, referenced to 25°C
Pressure Dependence 0.13% of reading per mm Hg
(Corrected via user input for altitude)
Response Time About 2min for 63% of step change
Warm-Up Time <60 seconds at 22°C
Zone LED Display Green:<800ppm;
Red: >1200ppm
Performance - Temperature
Temperature Range
  Display 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Display Resolution
  0.1°C (0.1°F)
Display Options
  °C / °F
  ±1°C (±2°F)  When the fan blows to the device directly, the accuracy of temperature is ±1.5 degC .
Response time
  20-30 minutes (case must equilibrate with environment)

RH Specification

Measurement Range
  20%-90% RH
Display Resolution
Response time
  <5 min for 63% of step change
General Operating Conditions
  Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F); 0 ~ 95% RH non-condensing
  Storage Temperature: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Power Supply
  100 ~ 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz 6 VDC from external AC/DC adapter which is included in
  package (Use specified AC adapter only)
  123.5 x 88 x 46.05 mm
Weight (including batteries):
  162.3 grams
  This section includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions for problems you may encounter with the ZG1163R CO2 Monitor.
Fault Icon
Description of
the fault
Suggested Actions
  The ambient temperature has
  exceeded the operating temperature range 0°C
  to 50°C(32°F to 122°F)
  This error will clear when the
  temperature returns to the range
  between 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
  EEPROM System Problem
  Please reconnect AC adapter to ZG1163R CO2 Monitor. If the "Err5"
  still appears, please contact the
  Service Department for further

Kinds of Adapters for your option

(for European ,
GermanItaly )
(for British,
BS1363 )
(for Australia
New Zealand)
(for American ,
Install: Uninstall:
Available Packages
  Dimensions: 123.5*88*46.05mm
  Weight : 169.1g
  Power Adaptor Weight :
  U.K Type : 102.1g
  EU Type : 98.1g
  U.S Type : 90.1g
  AU Type : 97.9g
  One Set Included:
1 CO2 Monitor
1 Power Adaptor
1 User Manual
1 White Box
1 Anti-ESD PE Bag (Pink)
1 PE Bag ( Package Power
  One Carton Included:
Q'ty: 40pcs PaperBoxes
White Box Size: 146*122*103mm
Carton Size:
    3.09 Cube ft
U.K Type Power Adaptor: 16.4 kgs
Europe Type Power Adaptor:
16.3 kgs
U.S Type Power Adaptor: 15.6 kgs
AU Type Power Adaptor: 16.06 kgs
U.K Type Power Adaptor: 17.4 kgs
Europe Type Power Adaptor:
    17.3 kgs
U.S Type Power Adaptor: 16.6 kgs
AU Type Power Adaptor: 17.06 kgs